Are fees really negotiable?

Yes! Every good real estate professional will tell you fees are negotiable when selling your home. Most consumers are comfortable wth the standard 5-6% commission and don’t ask any more questions.

However, the team at Housa wants to help you save money and sell your home. So we highly recommends using real estate professionals but negotiate with them to get the best terms for you.

We think this could provide sellers with great options and agents with more deals.

Win, win!

What kind of company is Housa?

We are so glad you asked.

Housa is a real estate platform that will reduce the costs and redundancies related to selling and buying real estate. The platform allows sellers to set the terms of their home sale and allows agents to compete for the opportunity to list your home at a price and commission that you (the home seller) decide is best for you.

The ability to set the terms of the sale will save you thousands on your home sale and allow you to keep more of your profit in your pockets. 

How do I create my own Housa account?

Simply visit our secure site at and create an account to list as many homes to sell…for free.

Does Housa gain access to my private information?

No. Housa only uses the basic home information you share with us.

We even added a feature that allows you to hide a portion of your address to make you feel more comfortable. Our broker network has told us that the basic info shown is sufficient for them to help you.

How much does this cost?

For home sellers…zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

Our service is designed to help home sellers keep more of their profits. So this service and app is completely free to you.

Are you in every city?

Currently, we are only servicing San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas Tx. As our network grows, we will add other cities.

If you would like to use Housa and we are not in your city, please reach out. We will begin working to bring your city online right away. Please contact for more information.

Want to contact us?

Our on-staff real estate professional is ready to help. Contact for more information.

Having trouble with the site or app, reach out to, he is our tech lead and ready to work through any issues you may find.