Yes, real estate fees are negotiable.

Find professional real estate agents that will sell your homeā€¦on your terms. You set commissions. Agents compete. You save.

Keep more of your equity

Homeowners are frustrated by high fees and want a more cost effective way to sell their home

More than $90B in fees

Research shows that over $90B in seller equity goes to fees associated with selling your home

Times are changing

More homeowners are using low commission or flat fee agents to sell their home

Here to help

Housa helps you connect with agents willing to sell your homeon your terms

Use our calculator to see how much you could save when you set the terms of your own deal.

Traditional fees are 6%, however you decide how much you want to pay an agent to sell your home. See for yourself how much of your equity you could keep for yourself.


Your listing goes to our listing marketplace where agents will review, bid, and respond to your listing offer.

Agents may send price comparisons for your area, counter offers, or agree to your terms right away.

Negotiate on your terms

Now you can control the conversation. Receive notifications of agent responses, use our messaging tools to negotiate, then when you’ve agreed on terms, award your listing to the agent of your choosing.

Free forever

Housa is free to homeowners. Use our tool to connect you with agents who will sell your home…on your terms.

Save more of what is yours…profits!


Housa, helping you save more of what is yours.